Workshop at BiblioCON23

May 25, 2023 | Pascal Christoph

Screenshot of the first presentation slide

Pascal and Tobias of hbz’s Open Infrastrutcure team conducted a 2 hours Metafacture workshop using Fix and Playground at the 111. bibliocon in Hannover. The slides in German can be found at The workshop sparked some objections from Andreas Walker against using an ETL tool - and we’ve heard that argument from time to time: if e.g. a DSL (Domain Specific Language) is rather complex than why not better start to learn a programmimg language instead? You would be able to do far more then just ETL! See the discussion at mastodon (German).

It’s good to see that there is interest in using the software. There were around 20 people and we expect some of them picking up Metafacture as their preferred ETL tool.

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