Metafacture-core release 5.3.2

May 20, 2022 | Pascal Christoph


This post describes the new developements in metafacture-core release 5.3.2 since the release of metafacture-core-5.3.1 in January 2022.

Table of Contents


Bug fixes

  • Strings: Call LineRecorder receiver’s closeStream() #433
  • Flux: Throw ANTLR errors in FluxParser #421
  • XML/biblio: Do not trim control field values in MARCXML handler #440 and #233


  • Use protected on all on...() methods #435


This will occur only quite rarely: “Do not trim control field values in MARCXML handler (#440)” breaks positional access (<substring>) to control field data elements.

For fixed-length fields with various kinds of coded information, specific data elements are positionally defined.

(MARC 21 Bibliographic - Control Fields)

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