Metafacture-core release 5.4.0

October 04, 2022 | Pascal Christoph


This post describes the new developements in metafacture-core release 5.4.0 since the release of metafacture-core-5.3.2 in May 2022.

Table of Contents


New Features

  • HTTP: Enable other methods to HttpOpener than just GET - i.e. DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, POST, PUT and TRACE #463
  • HTTP: Enable generic header support in HttpOpener #456
  • File: Add support for compressed files as FileMap input #455
  • JSON: Implement JSON booleans and numbers #458

Have a look at flux-commands how to use these features.


  • Update OAI-PMH harvester library #360
  • ”./gradlew fluxCommands” to see the currently available options (743e90e)

… and various smaller fixes and improvements (e.g. Mark deprecated Flux command options in help output #451)

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